Garmin Forerunner 310XT Review

Garmin Forerunner 310XTThe Forerunner 310XT series is a state-of-the-art fitness and training watch-style device, with its own GPS-enabled feature by the renowned GPS company Garmin . It is a rugged and indispensable training tool, that can be used for swimming, biking and running, for example.

Positive Features

The Garmin 310XT series comes with a heart rate monitor, for those athletes who wish to track their cardiovascular conditioning. This is a multi-sport device, that comes with up to 20 hours of battery life. You can use this water-proof training device in a swimming pool or lake, to time your swim. The watch is waterproof and comes with a USB ANT stick. It can be worn to a depth of 50 meters, and its wristband is slim and easy to wear.

Your position can be tracked with GPS satellite data, and your fitness watch records your distance, pace and heart rate. An additional heart rate monitor will need to be purchased. The training device comes in an attractive gray and orange color combination, and one size can be adjusted for your wrist size. It is especially light-weight, since it is made of a newer and rust-resistant titanium metal. This device is listed among the best running gps watches in its category.

Negative Features

Several of the watch face numbers are small and may be difficult to read, if you need corrective lenses to read a watch. There are improvements that can be made to its heart rate monitor system, since the statistics generated for your heart rate are basic. Battery life may need to be longer, for those of us who do not have much time for equipment maintenance.


The Garmin 310XT multi-sport and water-resistant. It is useful for training and motivational therapies, since the fitness equipment comes with a virtual partner, courses to follow, workouts and goals. Its GPS feature marks your location and, then, returns you back to start. Its ANT and wireless technology lets you automatically transfer information between your training location and your gym computer.

Similar products are available, but do not have a tracking or heart monitor option. This style of Garmin Forerunner is ideal for those who wish to train at a gym, using their own monitoring system. It allows you to advance in your training goals, and the fitness equipment comes with an economical price tag. Its battery can be recharged, and it can be ordered in additional color combinations. Your speed can be advanced, and there are several programmed sports that are already set in a specific workout format. A calorie computation is included, along with a cadence compatibility.

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